"I am the Lord thy God. Defend me."

Earth, 1972, and the Master has been seen in Paradise, Pensylvania. Unable to deal with this threat, the CIA call in UNIT's famous scientific advisor the Doctor and his assistant Jo Grant. They soon discover that their arch enemy has been using corpses of the local farmers as mind-controlled zombies for his devilish purposes.

But as Bessie hurtles about Amish country, a familiar blue box lands in a field in Paradise, carrying a young cricketer and his two companions into deadly danger...

Can the two Doctors combine to defeat the Master's bid for ultimate power, or are they destined to perish in the fearsome narrative of The Plain People?

This is the first round-robin story featuring the 5th and 3rd Doctors, Jo, Tegan & Turlough. The adventure takes place between The Mutants and The Time Monster, and between Enlightenment and The King's Demons.

Certain characters in this story (mentioning no names) may be copyright the BBC, and/or Fox, and/or Virgin Publishing. Each chapter is © its author, as credited below.



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  1. Chapter 1 — Jefferson Eng
  2. Chapter 2 — The Antiwesley
  3. Chapter 3 — Cameron Dixon
  4. Chapter 4 — Joel Aarons
  5. Chapter 5 — David Evans
  6. Chapter 6 — James Milton
  7. Chapter 7 — Jeffery Beuck
  8. Chapter 8 — Ian McIntire
  9. Chapter 9 — Ben Payne
  10. Chapter 10 — John Seavey



Jeff Beuck



James J Farmer


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K. Michael Wilcox


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  • Chapter 1 was nominated for the (inaugral) alt.drwho.creative 1997-1998 Adric Award for Best Round Robin Chapter.
  • The stpry was nominated for the (inaugral) alt.drwho.creative 1997-1998 Adric Award for Best Story.

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