"Oh, the Doctor. He's got a brilliant mind. I might let him have it back when I've finished with it."

Having consistantly failed to reach Metebelis 3, the Doctor takes Jo to see the famous Falls of Osmyr. But when they land they quickly find themselves separated — and unwilling participants in a plan for universal dominance.

Whilst Jo tries to escape from a rebel army on Osmyr, the Doctor meets the reptilian Hirathain and their feathered enemies the Ornthax. Why are both sides so eager to possess the son of the Osmyrian President? And just who really is the Hirathain Head Scientist?


This is the first round-robin story featuring the 3rd Doctor and Jo. The adventure takes place somewhere between The Three Doctors and The Green Death.

Certain characters in this story (mentioning no names) may be copyright the BBC, and/or Fox, and/or Virgin Publishing. Each chapter is © its author, as credited below.



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  1. Chapter One — Vicky Jewitt
  2. Chapter Two — Jeff Beuck
  3. Chapter Three — Chris Nelson
  4. Chapter Four — Lance Hall
  5. Chapter Five — Matt Clifton
  6. Chapter Six — Cameron Dixon
  7. Chapter Seven — Becky Dowgiert
  8. Chapter Eight — Alan Taylor
  9. Chapter Nine — David Burke
  10. Chapter Ten — Louise Dennis
  11. Chapter Eleven — Stephen Hwang
  12. Chapter Twelve — JJF
  13. Chapter Thirteen — by Mike Huberty



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