"What makes you think I had anything to do with it?" he asks, looking sufficiently offended but not quite pulling off the voice acting. "I'm just around when these things happen. I don't cause them."

"No," Urd says icily. "You just subcontract." '

The Doctor and Rose are taking in the sights - and ice cream - of New York when they run head long into the future. A future that's statuesque, blonde and carrying an unfortunately large sword that's inexorably destined for the Doctor's neck.

With the police off-side and a trio of goddesses unwittingly entertaining Fate's darker pleasures as they attempt to restore order, it's up to the Doctor and Rose to defy prophecy and save the day - along with themselves - before the heavens fall and New York becomes a charnel house.

The only problem is they have to stop a dragon the size of Manhattan to do it.

This is the first round-robin story featuring the 9th Doctor and Rose.

Certain characters in this story (mentioning no names) may be copyright the BBC, and/or Fox, and/or Virgin Publishing. Each chapter is © its author, as credited below.



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Originally posted: 20 September 2004 - 17 November 2004


  1. "It's In the Cards" — Molly Schlemmer
  2. "Lady Bad Luck" — William Billingsley
  3. "Find The Lady" — Philip Alderman
  4. "Faithfull" — Aron Toman
  5. "Fortune's Fool" — Bex 'Dowgiert' Mod
  6. "Moirae Defined" — Jon Andersen
  7. "Nothing is Ever Certain" — Cameron Mason
  8. "Chaos' Children" — Jenn (warinbabylon)



Rebecca Dowgiert



Jon Andersen


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Jon Andersen


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  • Detective James May


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