Long-ish short stories based on the longest running science-fiction television series of all time, the BBC's Doctor Who. The Internet Adventures take the TARDIS into previously unexplored realms of fan fiction and gratious continuity.

What Are The Internet Adventures?

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Collaborative novel-length fiction, the IAs originally began on the alt.drwho.creative newsgroup just prior to the 1996 telemovie. Since then, they've taken on an existance of their own: there are now over fifty IAs of various sorts. The stories range from light-hearted romps and fanwanky indulgence to gritty intensity and literary exploration. However, what makes the IAs different from other fan fiction is that they are Moderated Round Robin stories - in other words, each chapter is written by a different author as a response to the previous chapter, the allocation (and policing) of chapters being handled by one of the hard-working moderators.

       At the time the IAs started, Virgin Publishing had just lost the licence under which they had quite successfully been publishing two ranges of Doctor Who novels: the New Adventures (detailing the then-ongoing story of the Seventh Doctor) and the Missing Adventures (stand-alone books about an adventure of a previous Doctors that took place "off screen" between the TV episodes). Naturally, these two ranges were referred to as NAs and MAs respectively, so substituting 'I' for 'N' gave the round robin series its own referential name. When the decision was made to do a past Doctor IA, those stories were for quite obvious reasons called Missing Internet Adventures after that second novel range. Every time a new IA spin-off was created, the letter in front of IA was changed. The results were the IAs, MIAs, BIAs, CIAs, XIAs and WIAs.       

What's Here?

This wiki is a repository dedicated to what became something of a sprawling shared universe created by a bunch of fans. You'll find details on all the significant characters, places and events that have featured in the Internet Adventures as well as the stories themselves and the visual art that was designed to increase the sense that the Internet Adventures were something more than just run of the mill fanfic.       

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